Custom Grandparent Names Natural Log Slice Decoration



Custom grandparent names with custom coloured flowers (Granny, Grandma, Gransha, Grandad etc.) Just add a note to the order when you checkout!

Naturally beautiful, sustainably-sourced log slices. Perfect for decorating your home, garden or Christmas tree.

These log slices have been cut from a sustainable source in the Peak District. They are 100% natural and make for rustic and sustainable Christmas decorations. These will last for years to come and do not contribute to environmental damage.

The logs are oval in shape, but on average the diameter ranges from 5-8cm. The depth will be 1.5cm – 2cm. On average the circumference can be 20cm-24cm. For example, an average log could be 8cm diameter one way, 6.5cm the other way and be 1.7cm deep. These sizes are perfect for Christmas tree decorations. Each log slice is hand-painted with original designs by artist Kirsty Elen.


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