About Old News

Managed independently by Cardiff-based artist Kirsty Elen, Old News is the shop for unique planters and groovy homeware. Kirsty created Old News in 2019, combining her passion for painting and her love for the planet.  All terracotta planters and saucers sold on Old News are hand-painted personally by Kirsty Elen, and sealed to be suitable for both indoors and outdoors, whatever the weather. 

Plant pots and saucers are released on a limited basis on the final day of each month. There will be 27 pots and saucers released each month in total. 6 celestial pots and 3 celestial saucers along with 6 mystery design pots will be available on Depop and Etsy.

Our Sustainability Story

Old News was birthed with intention to encourage better personal and environmental wellbeing through gardening. Gardening and owning plants has been proven to improve mental wellbeing, and encourage ecosystems to thrive. Old News tries to be as responsible as possible through processes, using an inkless printer when printing labels, recycled materials in office, and limiting waste by using paint pigments. As the brand has also expanded to sell paper products such as prints and greetings cards, please rest assured that all paper products are printed onto recycled paper and packaged and delivered with recyclable packaging.