Thank you for visiting Old News Goods. All items are available for purchase on both Etsy and Depop. Plant pots and saucers are released on the final day of each month. There will be 27 pots and saucers released each month in total; 6 celestial pots and 3 celestial saucers along with 6 mystery design pots will be available on each selling platform. 

Please be sure to purchase your items early, as when they’re sold out, they’re sold out. 

Custom orders can be placed here, but if more specific details are required such as a design which we haven’t featured in our gallery, or a colour you haven’t seen us use, please use a contact form to let us know what it is you would like to commission and we will do our best to help.

Buyer Reviews

"Great item, helpful seller and fast shipping"
"This pot is absolutely stunning! The paintwork is just so gorgeous, I can't stop looking at it, I love it so much!"
"Very talented! Amazing quality and design, I love it!"